Safelift’s mast lifts are approved in accordance with SS-EN-280.

Safelift PushAround PA35


PushAround PA35

  • Working height 3,5 m
  • Platform height1,5 m
  • Platform size0,55 m x 0,65 m
  • Lifting time (1,5 m)14,5 sec
  • Weight223 kg
  • Platform load130 kg

Number of people

Max 1

Noise level

Max 70 dB



Parking brakes


Safelift PushAround PA35

Technical data

Width / Height / Length

0,7 m / 1,6 m / 1,0 m


Moved manually

Parking brakes


CE and EN280 marked

Safelift mast lifts are approved according to SS-EN-280.

Power source

2 pcs 9 Ah 12V batteries, maintenance-free. Can be charged from ordinary wall outlet.

Operating instructions

A smart compartment always makes the operating instructions easily accessible.

Height of skirting board

0,15 m

Height of railing

1,1 m

Lift system

Electric motor, 24VDC


Diameter 160 mm, polyurethane coating that does not leave marks.

Emergency stop

If the elevator needs to be shut down from the work platform.

Turning radius

With a small turning radius of 1.2m, the lift easily takes the corner.


We have several different accessories that will fit both models.


We have plenty of pictures of Safelift in our gallery.

Advantages of Safelift

Safe working at height

With Safelift, you eliminate the risk of accidents in the workplace.

User friendly

Low entry and easy operation.


Safelift is easy to charge and is low-maintenance.

Personal safety

Anchorage point, emergency stop and emergency lowering for your safety.

Light and smooth

Transported in lifts and passes through doors.

Smart features

For example, decoupling of wheels, USB connector, storage area for tools.

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