For PushAround and MoveAround

Tillbehör - Lyftöglor

Lifting lugs

Used to lift the mast lift on to the truck for transportation.

Tillbehör - Varningslampa

Warning lamp (beacon)

Warns the surroundings – flashes while being driven.

Tillbehör - Korgar


Baskets for fluorescent lamps and signs for example.

Tillbehör - Joystickskydd

Joystick guards

Guards so preventing the lift to be moved outside of the basket.

Tillbehör - Grindsensor

Gate sensor

The lift cannot be operated, if the gate is not completely closed.

Tillbehör - Varningssummer

Warning buzzer

Warns the surroundings – intermittent beeping when being manoeuvred.

Tillbehör - Dubbelkommando-fot

Double command-foot

The foot must be placed on a pushbutton to activate the joystick.

Tillbehör - Antistatiskt band

Anti-static strap

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